ALL THE LITTLE LIGHTS by JANE UPTON at the Tristan Bates Theatre


As part of the Camden Fringe season, JANE UPTON’s play ALL THE LITTLE LIGHTS (published by Nick Hern Books) will be on at Tristan Bates theatre from 12th – 17th August, directed by Hannah Calascione.



Joanne Lucy Mabbitt

Lisa Erin Mullen

Amy Emily Durie

A dark and comic three-hander about abuse, youth and survival.

Ain’t never seen the sea.

It’s amazing.

When did you see the sea? 

I ain’t, but it is.

Joanne and Lisa were like sisters. Then Lisa left and got a new family. Joanne got a new mate. Now they’re back together for a birthday party by the railway tracks, in search of normality and love. Will they reach it?

Packed with crackling dialogue, darkness and laugh-out-loud humour, ALL THE LITTLE LIGHTS is about being young, alone and trying to survive. Written by Jane Upton with support from charity Safe and Sound, the play considers how easy it is to slip through the cracks.

Joint winner of the George Devine Award.

Nominated for Best Play at Writer’s Guild of Great Britain.