PHIL WILLMOTT to direct Dion Boucicault’s AFTER DARK at The Finborough

after dark

The first production of AFTER DARK; OR, A DRAMA OF LONDON LIFE by Dion Boucicault in over 120 years will open on Wednesday 12 June at the Finborough, directed by Phil Willmott.

“It’s hardly the place to take a gentleman. The night- birds of London roost there…”

The spectacular West End hit of late Victorian London, and unseen since, Dion Boucicault’s sweeping melodrama, involving train crashes, river rescues, dastardly villains, plucky heroines, salacious scandal and dark secrets, crackles with the energy of a London of fresh peril and opportunity.

The new underground railway is a thing of wonder, the early Salvation Army shines a light on the grinding poverty of the East End, and high and low-lifes frequent gambling dens and revel in the illicit sex of the music halls.

All the while Scotland Yard struggle to police increasingly sophisticated financial fraud and marauding bands of ex-soldiers lately discharged into destitution and a life of crime…

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