ELIZABETH LEWIS (Radio/Theatre/TV) an established radio dramatist, Lizzie’s plays include THE BRIEF CHRONICLES OF ANNIE ROSEEATING CHILDREN (Guardian Pick of the Day), THE FILM JOURNAL OF EVE ARNOLD, THE GOUT DU NOIRTHE WEDDING VORTEXALICE IN PARIS (also dramatised for Southwark Playhouse as part of International Women’s Day)JANE and TOM, FAMILY SOUP and BECOMING BETTY (all BBC R4). Lizzie has also written an original TV drama; HEFFERS AND BULLS (BBC Brief Encounters) and several stage plays including BLUE (Briefs Season, Komedia Brighton) and THE GLASS HOUSE (shortlisted for the International Playwriting Festival). Lizzie is a features writer for Sussex Life Magazine and is currently writing MARINA, a play for Jane Austen’s House in Chawton.

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