JOHN PEACOCK (Estate) (Writer/Film/Radio/Theatre) was a prolific dramatist who created character driven dramas about outsiders and seamlessly adapted great stage dramas for radio including Sam Sheperd’s TRUE WEST and his Eugene O’Neill’s LONG DAYS JOURNEY INTO NIGHT (BBC R3, Dir Celia de Wolff).  Original works include ATTARD IN RETIREMENT (winner of Giles Cooper Award), THE WILD SWANS,  JOE’S KINGDOM(WGGB Award for Children’s Radio Drama runner up).  For TV, MORE LIVES THAN ONE and RED RIDING HOOD (BBC, BAFTA nominated), and feature films include STRAIGHT ON TILL MORNING, TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER, CAT AND MOUSE (Universal/Robert Stigwood) and THE JENNY WAGON (Zentropa).  John was also a Script Editor with Hammer Films and 20th Century Fox.

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