SNOO WILSON (Estate)  (Writer/Theatre/Opera/Radio) was a founding director of the Portable Theatre.  His career spanned across all media, and in the Sixties, his plays established him as a ground breaking playwright in the UK and US.  These include LOVESONG OF THE ELECTRIC BEAR recently produced at the Hope Theatre ‘A surreal journey into the world of genius mathematician Alan Turing and his teddy bear’, THE GLAD HAND (John Whiting Award), PIGSNIGHT, THE SOUL OF THE WHITE ANT, DARWIN’S FLOOD and BED BUG.  Snoo wrote films, libretti (an acclaimed version of Offenbach’s ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD (ENO)), radio plays and two novels.  His plays are published by Methuen/Bloomsbury and his work is archived at UEA.

‘Snoo Wilson tackles dark pockets of human endeavour with an original wit and a savage humour’ (Financial Times).

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