MURMURATIONS, a new outdoor play by STEVE WATERS with Tangled Feet, September 17 – 19, Wicken Fen Nature Reserve & September 24 – 26, Strumpshaw Nature Reserve

Take a walk into nature and tune into the stories the landscape holds.

MURMURATIONS written by STEVE WATERS with Tangled Feet is a guided tour into nature you’ll never forget – a woman on a mission, a couple in conflict, a man with a plan, and a botanist’s last stand… and other invasive species of the human kind… 

Through live scenes and songs, poetry and physical theatre, comedy and tragedy, MURMURATIONS explores what we need from nature and what nature needs from us in a world recovering from sickness … 

  • Sep 17th – 19th 2021 National Trust Wicken Fen Nature Reserve. Book tickets.
  • Sep 24th – 26th 2021 RSPB Strumpshaw Fen Nature Reserve. Book tickets.

Exit, pursued by a marsh harrier: why I wrote a play for nature reserves article for The Guardian by Steve Waters