SARAH WOODS and Cardboard Citizens stream ‘Benefit’

In a unique one time only event, Sarah Waters play with Cardboard Citizens, ‘Benefit’, is to be streamed online.

Benefit explores the lives of three ‘job-seekers’ and the pressures their status puts on them and those around them.

English graduate Rosa is haunted by the history of her Chilean family, Craig suffers from a sex addiction that is destroying his relationship, and Patrick is rendered near-speechless by his inability to understand the Kafka-esque world into which he is thrust seeking support. By telling the stories of these individual true-to-life struggles, Benefitlooks at the impact of austerity and asks how we can best deal with the world we are now in.

The show has been touring the country since March, visiting theatres, hostels, prisons and day centres from Canterbury to Glasgow to Belfast to Aberystwyth. We are proud of our work and want as many people as possible to see it!