Shakespeare’s Fire by GLYN MAXWELL on BBC Radio 4

Glyn Maxwell’s radio play ‘Shakespeare’s Fire’ is now available to listen to again online.

Queens, fools and bickering playwrights set the world alight on the Jacobean South Bank. Jane Horrocks, Adam Gillen and Jasper Britton star in this original comedy by New Generation poet Glyn Maxwell about the burning of the Globe Theatre in 1613.

On a hot summer afternoon, the Kings Men in Southwark are performing John Fletcher and William Shakespeare’s Famous History of the Life of Henry VIII. On that scorching day in June, the jewel of London’s playhouses, The Globe, burnt down.

So much we know – we have eye witness accounts. Many questions remain unanswered though.

Are rumours of royal involvement to be credited? Did the Burbages really do well out of the fire? What is the connection between these events and the end of the career of England’s most illustrious playwright? And where do a clown’s trousers come into all this?

The cast includes Jane Horrocks (Ab Fab, Little Voice), Jasper Britton (RSC), Adam Gillen (Benidorm) and Simon Greenall (I’m Alan Partridge)

Director/ Producer: Frank Stirling
A Unique Broadcasting production for BBC Radio 4.