Spook Street: A new novel by MICK HERRON

Fans of Mick Herron’s Slough House series rejoice! The new book in the series, Spook Street (published by John Murray) is in bookshops now, and has been met with a fantastic critical reception.

“Mick Herron’s outstanding series is extremely funny…in the Slough House novels the spies actually talk to each other like human beings, in a constant round of beautifully scabrous teasing, bickering and nagging…displays all the smoke-and-mirrors skill of the masters of the genre.”

★★★★★ Daily Telegraph

“It’s not often a reviewer can say, “You’ve never read anything quite like this” but it’s a safe encomium to use in the case of Mick Herron. The author’s idiosyncratic writing is unique in his genre: the spycraft of le Carré refracted through the blackly comic vision of Joseph Heller’s Catch-22…His trips to the outer reaches of British espionage already have a cult following and this latest entry will consolidate that enthusiasm, not least because his sardonic humour is wedded to genuine tension…Herron’s cutting dialogue, as ever, is priceless.”

Financial Times

“Herron’s series of novels about a group of deadbeat spies – or ‘slow horses’, in spook parlance – has been hailed as the most exciting thing to hit the genre since George Smiley hung up his mackintosh.”

Mail on Sunday