The Tears of Cora Pearl by CLIVE KING, part of the Tron 100 Festival

The Tears of Cora Pearl, a new musical by Clive King, is set to be part of the Tron Theatre’s Tron 11 Festival. Premiered as one of 30 new 15 min plays and directed by Alyson Woodhouse, more information can be found here.

Cora and Eugenie are two former courtesans sharing an attic flat in fin de siècle Paris.  With the wolf at the door and their aristocratic benefactors long gone, these faded stars of the demi monde are struggling to keep body and soul together.  Enter Bernard, a humble coachman who might just be the key to their survival…

Loosely based on a true story, The Tears of Cora Pearl is a work-in-progress tale of two women who played nineteenth century patriarchy at its own game and won.  For a while at least.