CHERRY JEZEBEL, a new play by JON LARKIN, rehearsed reading at Liverpool Everyman, directed by James Baker

“They’ve trampled on us queers before but we always pick ourselves up by our jockstraps and keep going. We are a city and a scene that look after its own”

JON LARKIN‘s new play CHERRY JEZEBEL is about love, filth and the drag we all wear to belong.

Cherry and Heidi are drag artists with more years on the scene than you’ve had hot rollers, old school Queens who’ve feathered their nest with glitter, guts and grit. Pearls’ the new walking-art kid on the block searching for connection. What happens when you want to keep on dancing but the music’s stopped? When the only person under the glitter ball who understands is from a different generation that no longer speaks your language?

CHERRY JEZEBEL is about queer family. It’s about outsiders who find each other in the search for acceptance, understanding and safety in what is still largely a straight white world.

Rehearsed reading at Liverpool Everyman, Fri 9th – Sat 10th July. Click here for tickets.

Photograph: ‘Candy Star Smokes’ by Jon Larkin