DOLPHIN JUNCTION, a new collection of short stories by MICK HERRON

CWA Gold and Steel Dagger-winner MICK HERRON‘s short fiction, collected for the first time.

From the creator of Jackson Lamb and the hugely acclaimed Slough House spy thrillers comes a collection of short stories that showcase Herron’s gift for deftly combining nail-biting suspense with brilliantly judged humour.

When a man’s wife leaves him under suspicious circumstances, he sets off in search for her, unprepared for the guilty secrets he’s about to drag back into the light.

A man is tempted by a luxury apartment with a top-of-the-range kitchen. But there is a heavy price to pay for this glamorous new life.

And a couple with their marriage on the rocks go on a hike through the Derbyshire countryside as another way to avoid their real problems.

Hailed as the master of the modern spy thriller, Mick Herron’s skill for tension, humour, and memorable twists are captured in his short stories, collected here for the first time.