NAN, ME & BARBARA PRAVI by HANNAH MAXWELL, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, August 17-20, 22-27

Entirely fictional. And completely true. Voila. An epic tale of care, crisis and the Eurovision Song Contest by the acclaimed creator of I, AmDram.

In 2021, HANNAH MAXWELL moved back to the home counties to care for her recently bereaved grandmother. But this show isn’t about that. It’s about France’s Eurovision star Barbara Pravi, who’s just lovely.

In-between cooking, cleaning and Countdown, Maxwell escapes into an intensifying fantasy of ballroom dances, heartfelt ballads, fluent French and definitely-not-creepy plots to engineer a meet-cute with a random foreign celebrity. It’s La La Land meets Mission Impossible meets Hannah’s nan.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “It’s delivered with such a bite that you’ll be thinking about it for days – a truly incredible hour that takes you by surprise and doesn’t let go.” Chiara Wilkinson, Timeout

★ ★ ★ ★ “Maxwell’s writing is electric, witty and charmingly delivered” Megan Merino, The List

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

August 17-20
Summer Hall, Cairns Lecture Theatre
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August 22-27
Summer Hall, Cairns Lecture Theatre
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Written and performed by HANNAH MAXWELL.
Produced by Becky Plotnek & Plotnek Productions.
Directed by Len Gwyn.