SARAH WOODS: ‘Charlotte Sometimes’ @ The Oxford Playhouse

Hot off the success of her work with Cardboard Citizen’s touring show ‘Benefit’, Sarah Woods has been adapting Penelope Farmer’s novel ‘Charlotte Sometimes’ with theatre company Rambling Heart to be performed at the Oxford Playhouse. For more details and to book tickets, click here.


When Charlotte falls asleep in her squeaky boarding school bed, it’s 1968. But come morning, she finds that she’s woken up in the year 1918. Even more disconcertingly, everyone thinks her name is Clare and no one seems to realise that she has become a different person.

As Charlotte switches between the two time periods, a story of identity, friendship and sisterhood unravels.

Based on the classic young adult novel, Charlotte Sometimes explores the struggle of maintaining normality on the home front, and the devastation that war can create, hundreds of miles – and half a century – away from its front line.