10 best podcasts of 2018: WOODEN OVERCOATS and THE AMELIA PROJECT

WOODEN OVERCOATS, the podcast created by DAVID K. BARNES, has been listed in the top ten podcasts of 2018 by both the Irish Times and Vulture Magazine.

Sarah Griffin, of the Irish Times, writes:

“For fiction, I loved Wooden Overcoats, a comedy about a fictitious island in the English Channel in which two funeral homes, and their funeral directors, compete for popularity within their community. It is most often the first podcast I recommend to people: funny and strange and exquisitely written and performed: and importantly, entirely independent.”

Nicholas Quah at Vulture praised Season 3’s “gloriously mischievous sensibility and a charming cast of daffy characters”.

Listen on iTunes, Apple or here – or wherever you get your podcasts.


Love eccentric podcasts? Listen to THE AMELIA PROJECT:

The Amelia Project offers a very special service: Faking its clients’ deaths! Its eccentric clientele includes cult leaders, politicians and porn stars, all desperate to disappear and start over… For how long can the secrecy last?

Congratulations. You’ve reached The Amelia Project. This phone call isn’t happening. If you’re not serious about this, hang up. Now.

The Amelia Project is an audio drama podcast by Imploding Fictions produced in association with Open House Theatre.

The show is written and directed by Philip Thorne and Øystein Ulsberg Brager